Mark Paul - Guitarist (lead / rhythm)

Looking to start or join music group
(&/or sit in: must gig... must gig!).

Preference is an "original fusion" band,
but can play / open to other styles.

Looking for high-performance musicians (who have a
"day gig" / who don't need to play out every night).
Specifically - drums/bass/keys. (Think - Steve Gadd /
Jaco Pastorious / Jan Hammer). Looking to play 1 to 4

times a month. Have original tunes. Experienced
players only, please.

Mark:  senior_exctv *at* yahoo *dot* com
(Please replace " (at) " with "@" [trying to spoof spammers!])


When? Band? Style? Location? Instruments?
1970 - 1972 This May
Be The Last
Progressive rock Las Vegas, NV Drums / guitar
1973 Metamorph Progressive rock Lakenheath,
1973-1974 Rainbow Bridge R&B Orange County, CA Drums
1974 - 1975 Eclipse Progressive rock Orange County, CA Guitar / flute / drums / synthesizer
1981 - 1983 En Rapport Pop/rock Orange County, CA Guitars
1984 Checkmate U.S. Pop/folk Orange County, CA Guitars & flute
1989 - 1992 Julie Jones & the Things You Are Techno funk/ pop/rock Portland, OR Management/ Guitars (some)
1993-1996 Lonesome Taxi Eclectic urban folk/rock Portland, OR Guitars
1998-2004 aphasia Jazz/fusion Portland, OR Guitars
2004-2005 Solo Classical/acoustic/ avant-garde Portland, OR Guitar


1974: Eclipse: "Live @ LaPaz"
1982: EnRapport: "Auk & Taper Shuffle"
1984: Checkmate U.S.: "Checkmate in Costa Mesa"
1996: Lonesome Taxi: "Keep the Change"
1998: aphasia: "Hazardous Material"
2003: aphasia: "almost live!"
2004: solo acoustic: "it's not much... but it's all I got"

Biography: "Mark's influences started with his parents (both classically trained music majors), in the early 60's. Learning guitar chords from the Kingston Trio and Brothers Four, his interests soon changed after hearing Stan Kenton, and when he moved to England in 1964. The harmonies, rhythm and musical experimentation of the time provided the catalyst for investigating many different styles - jazz, classical, rock, blues, folk, fusion, etc. By the time he was twenty, he'd been in several bands in Las Vegas, Southern California, and England. He's taken advantage of the rich musical diversity in Portland, and has played in progressive jazz-influenced rock to urban folk bands. Having played drums, flute, synthesizer and other instruments, he's settled on guitar. For his day gig, he is managing partner of Synergy Consulting Group."

Goals / Styles / Talent: I've found we can save a lot of time if our goals, musical tastes/styles and talents are similar. So here are mine. If they sync up with yours, we ought to talk!

[1] Goals I'm looking to play 1 to 4 times a month (preferably Fridays / Saturdays). At places *like* the Dublin Pub, Tillicum; with preference at Jimmy Mak's / Billy Reed's caliber. Some private parties, but not just "for beer." (Been there / done that!). Not looking to play out during the week (band practice once during the week, certainly!), but would be flexible if something great came up. I'm not looking to "just jam." I prefer to play live, which forces higher quality playing and helps us focus. Personally, I find that extra edge helps me keep my chops up. Jammin' - not so much. Nor am I looking to gig 3 - 5 nights a week. I do not plan on / nor working towards "making it" (though it would be great), but want to enjoy music, playing live, being with great bandmates, learning new things and challenging myself, musically.

[2] Musical tastes I've played several styles and prefer "fusion" for lack of a better description. (Think - Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck.)

[3] Talents If band members' talents are way off from each other, it can be a drag.)



Please click here for some "lead snippets."



And from another time / place (1972 / drums / England):

1972_England.jpg (289793 bytes)

And from another time / place #2 (1974 Ecilpse / So. Cal.):

Eclipse.jpg (365344 bytes)